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Sylvs Salutes: Classic Red Lipstick

Sylvs Apr 16, 2012


Though I am not positive, I am pretty sure that red lipstick has been hand-in-hand with fashion since the begining of time.

Not only have the two been intertwined in glorious fashion matramony back in the bombshell years of Marilyn Monroe, but the love afair continues to this very day.
Besides, when is a red pout not completely chic?


Silver screen siren Bette Davis has been captivating audiences with her own red hot lips (and gorgeous eyes of course) since the 1930's and still stands amongst the Titans of Rouge Titilation.


Not to mention, is there any way possible to imagine Vivienne Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind without that rose tinted smirk? Yeah, I didn'tt think so either.


Hollywood Good Girl Audrey Hepburn even used the power of red in her own signature chic way. A true icon for those who prefer "class" over "trash".


So which of today's Hollywood fashion elite continue to carry the torch, and carry it with amazing style and grace?

Gwen Stefani

I bet you didn't see this one coming.
Rock and Fashion Queen Gwen Stefani has been strutting around in her signature red lipstick since high school and we still love, love, love it! Her name is most definitely the first that comes to mind when someone mentions a red kisser. (Or talent. Or amazingness. Or OMG she's gorgeous!)


Christina Aguilera

The former Miss. Dirrty, Christina Aguilera has been painting her pout rouge for quite some time now, and my oh my does it look fantastic on her. From innocent pop singer, to X-Tina, to The Voice, Christina has been a fashion chameleon - all the while keeping those scarlet stained lips.


Scarlett Johansson

Speaking of "scarlet", the ever amazing Scarlett Johansson knows how to stay sexy chic with a little help from her own name.


Angelina Jolie

When it comes to using red for seduction, Angelina Jolie has the rules down pat. As a natural bare-lipped beauty, Angie knows that all you need is a touch of red and a whole lot of confidence to acheive anything.


Dita Von Teese

Bombshell? It's more like nuclear fallout when Miss Dita Von Teese makes an appearance with her signature red hues. If anyone is a displaced 40's pinup girl, it's Dita.


These woman already own the Classic Red Lipstick scene, but who among the younger generation of celebrities seem to have the most potential to join the ranks?



Anne Hathaway

How about this one for starters? Anne Hathaway is well on her way to becoming Rouge Royalty and may end up in it's Hall of Fame by winning us over with her dark locks, porcelain skin, and ruby red lipstick!


Keira Knightley

She may be a talented actress and stunningly beautiful, but nothing says sexy quite like Keira Knightley donning a red pout. Add some pin curls (a la Atonement) and Keira makes for an instant sultry siren.


Dakota Fanning

She used to be "cute". She used to look "sweet". She used to make us say "Awww!". Though, now that Dakota Fanning is all grown up, we can raplce those three with "glamorous", "sexy", and "ooo la la!". Usually when Kota touches anything it turns to magic, but with a touch of red on her lips, she turns to divine.


Emma Stone

Whether her locks are red, blonde, or brown, actress Emma Stone always dazzles with red lips. You didn't hear this from me, but I think she was born with it on!


Kristen Stewart

A true natural beauty with pure natural talent, Kristen Stewart has been making quite a huge name for herself with all of the Twilight mania. The tomboy, the girl next door, the bombshell. The fact that Kristin can transcend cozy to chic fashion is phenomenal. When you add red lip stain, I think she becomes unstoppable.


Who is your favorite red lipstick rocking celebrity?

What is you favorite brand and shade of red lip stick?

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Justin Timberlake

Sylvs Jan 31, 2012


Oh, Justin.
We have had our eyes on this prize ever since he was groovin' with *NSYNC and after he said Bye Bye Bye to boy banding, he launched a solo career that became an empire.
He brought sexy back, has us lol-ing every time he graces Saturday Night Live, and shows us his talent for acting in Alpha Dog, Friends with Benefits, and his latest film In Time.

But what do we really know about Justin?
Does he like long walks on the beach? Making snow angels?

Let's take a tour through the inner depths with 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Justin Timberlake:


1) Justin owns six Harley Davidsons!





2) One of his biggest fears? Dying unloved.
(I so don't think that is possible Justin!)




3) Forget American football. Justin roots for Manchester United.





4) He is a huge fan of Björk.





5) Justin considers his best friend to be Trace Ayala, who is also his personal assistant.





6) He has landed the cover of GQ three times so far:
September 2004, August 2006 and March 2009.





7) Justin was Ashton Kutcher's very first victim on the show Punk'd.





8) Justin's debut solo album, Justified, went triple platinum!





9) He is an avid sneaker collector.





10) Justin's mother, Lynn, came up with the name *NSYNC by using the last letter of each original member's first name.



10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Rooney Mara

Sylvs Dec 22, 2011

Actress Rooney Mara has been making quite a name for herself in Hollywood, especially after her roles in The Social Network and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Her natural talent and effortless beauty definitely put her on the list of "it" girls and as if that were not enough, she has a heart of gold. 

Here are 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Rooney Mara


1. Rooney Mara is widely considered football royalty due to the fact that her paternal great-grandfather founded the New York Giants while her maternal grandfather founded the Pittsburgh Steelers




2. Mara stands at just 5'3".





3. Almost every piercing that Rooney rocks on screen as Lisbeth Salander in Girl With the Dragon Tattoo are real piercings that the actress already had. 





4. Rooney is of Italian and Irish descent. Her last name, Mara, is a variation of O'Mara. 





5. Her full birth name is Patricia Rooney Mara.





6. Both Rooney and her older sister Kate Mara appeared in Best Picture Oscar nominated films in the same year - The Social Network and 127 Hours (respectively). 





7. Before Rooney Mara was officially cast as Lisbeth Salander in Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, actresses Carey MulliganEllen PageKristen StewartNatalie PortmanMia WasikowskaKeira KnightleyAnne HathawayEmily BrowningScarlett JohanssonEmma Watson, and Evan Rachel Wood were considered for the role. 





8. Rooney is the founder of the non-profit organization Faces of Kibera





9. Her most influential actress is Gena Rowlands





10. The break up scene between Rooney Mara and Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network ran eight script pages and took 99 takes.



Have you seen Girl With the Dragon Tattoo yet?

I'm Back - with College, Questions, and Coat Lust

Sylvs Dec 10, 2011

Hey there fellow Buzzing bees, 
I am a little out of the loop from recent events, but slowly coming back to the happenings in Celebrityville. Plus I wanted to say "Haaaaay!" and chat for a bit. 

I just finished my first semester of my second attempt at college (ahahaa) and I totally nailed my A's and B's only goal!  So I have a lot more down time now. Sweeet.

How do you guys think your school grades are coming along? Good? Not so good?

Speaking of not so good, my house was burglarized by a couple that I knew for about a year.
That was kind of a slap from reality - trust no one. You know, other than your besties! And while these two people were grabbing my Playstation 3 and laptop my so called "attack" cats were not doing their jobs.

Instead of doing this:

they were probably still doing stuff like this:

Anyhow they're in the process of being handled by our fine police force here and that's what they get for effin' with the wrong bitch. 

So naturally the next prgoression would be for me to get the flu.
I'm still fighting the battle, but the worst is over with.

Thanks to all of that combined I missed a few Celebrity of the Week and other posts, but blogging shall now resume for those of you who even take intrest in my posts ahahaaha!!

I've also recently found myself completely obsessed with "Into the Fire" by Thirteen Senses:

Oh, and speaking of obsessed - since I live in Florida and it only gets cold here for a few weeks out of the year I have been loving these cold fronts lately because that means coat weather! I am totally completely utterly obsessed with coat weather so I give you a visual assortment of my current Coat Lusts

I am completely diggin' Angelina Jolie's coat there. Is that Saint John? (I kid, I kid.)

So new and exciting things are going on in your lives? Pray tell!

Also, riddle me this: Which celebrities would you like to see more coverage of?

love you guys!
- sylvs 

Rooney, Brad, Viola, and Clooney Get Villainous for 'Touch of Evil'

Sylvs Dec 09, 2011


Director Alex Prager decided to get together with stars such as Brad Pitt, Rooney Mara, Ryan Gossling, George Clooney and others for Touch of Evil - Prager's latest project turning today's celebrities into iconic villains from classic films. 

So how did it turn out?

Um, ridiculously awesome!

Take a look at some of the images from the project below:

Mia Wasikowska channels The Home Wrecker



Brad Pitt as Henry Spencer in Eraserhead



Gary Oldman as the ventriloquist dummy in Magic



Rooney Mara as Alex in A Clockwork Orange



George Clooney as Captain Bligh in Mutiny on the Bounty



Viola Davis as Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest



Check out the Video Gallery featuring more stars and great footage, courtesy of The New York Times.

For the full photo gallery Click Here.

love it! What do you think - Awesome or Awful? 
Which is your favorite? 

Cold Outside? Here are 11 Movies Guaranteed to Bring The Warm Fuzzies!

Sylvs Nov 17, 2011

Is it just me or is there something about this time of year that goes hand in hand with love?
It seems to swirl in the fall air like a leaf caught in the wind - being swept away.

Not to mention that it's the perfect weather for curling up in front of a good movie,
but the movies on this list are not just any sort of flicks.
These movies are guaranteed to give you that good deep lovin' feeling
- whether it be platonic, unrequited, or true. 

(in no particular order)



Across the Universe

Starring Evan Rachel Wood and Jim Sturgess
This film, inspired by music by The Beatles, is an insta-classic. This story is not just about bad boy Jude (Sturgess) falling for good girl Lucy (Wood) - it's about every sort of love you could possibly name. That is what makes this movie so moving.

Scene: Love is All You Need







Moulin Rouge

Starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGreggor

A bohemian musical about love? Score!

In this film writer Christian (McGreggor) tells a story about the forbidden love of his life, Satine (Kidman), and the loss that follows their every move.

Scene: Elephant Love Medley 






Friends with Benefits

Starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake

This film takes on and answers that age old question of if two people can only have a sexual relationship without getting feelings involved with a big fat "No!" as Dylan (Timberlake) moves to NYC and falls for his new friend Jamie (Kunis). 

Scene: Flash Mob






Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

Yeah, I know you had to have seen this one coming. 
We pretty much all love the story of penniless Jack (DiCaprio) falling in love with debutante Rose (Winslet) on an ill-fated ship.  

Scene: Flying





The Young Victoria

Starring Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend

One of my own personal favorites, this movie follows Queen Victoria (Blunt) from childhood to corronation and through the true love she finds with Prince Albert (Friend). 

Not only is it a great love story, but it is true and rare in a world when marriage came with strings attached.

Scene: Swan Song 






The Notebook

Starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gossling

Well this is a Duh!
One cannot make a list of movie lovin' without the story Noah (Gossling) and Allie (McAdams) falling in love over a lifetime. 

Scene: Rain






Love Actually

Starring Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Andrew Lincoln, Colin Firth, and Emma Thompson

This romantic comedy has one all-star British cast and lots of stories to tell. 
David (Grant) is Prime Minister and falls for his secretary, Peter (Lincoln) is in love with his best friend's new bride Juliet (Knightley), Jamie (Firth) finds out his girlfriend is cheating on him and retreats to his French cottage where he falls for his maid.

The best part about this film is all of the stories within it. Some end with a kiss and a smile while others end so bittersweetly, but this isn't love perfectly, it's love actually.

Scene: You are Perfect 






Finding Neverland

Starring Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp

It's wonderful and heartwarming to see the way author J.M. Barrie (Depp) finds himself platonically attached to Sylvia Llewelyn Davies (Winslet) and her four young boys and writes one of the most captivating stories from their inspiration: Peter Pan.  

Scene: Neverland






Starring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner

If you are wondering what makes The Twilight Saga so special, let me break it down for you like this...

People usually end up wanting what they can't have and since the chances of a super hot vampire like Edward (Pattinson) and a super hot werewolf like Jacob (Lautner) falling for us is pretty much Zip, we cheer for and live vicariously through the one they do love
- Bella (Stewart). 

It's a bit like going to Hogwarts via Harry Potter or chilling with Chewbacca via Han Solo. 

Scene: Cafeteria Introductions





Walk the Line

Starring Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix

It is a rare opportunity that we get to see the life, in depth, of someone like Johnny Cash (Phoenix), but one can't help but be smitten with his determination to finally
marry June Carter (Witherspoon).

Scene: Stolen Kiss







Starring James McAvoy and Keira Knightley

Cecelia (Knightley) comes from a very wealthy family and finds herself head over heels for the gardener, Robbie (McAvoy). After a series of various run-ins, the two finally profess their love for one another only to be torn apart as Cecelia's little sister sends Robbie to jail (and therefore the Army) over something she thought she knew.

Scene: Last Tea




So there you have it! My list of 11 Movies Guaranteed to Bring the Warm Fuzzies.
You are probably feeling a little bit warmer inside just from reading the list and watching scenes.

Just in case you didn't notice: Kate Winslet and Keira Knightley made the list twice each!
Bravo ladies! 

What movie gives you the warmest of all warm and fuzzy feelings? 


10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Taylor Lautner

Sylvs Nov 16, 2011

Let's face it - Jacob Black could own a shirt, but why would we want him to?

A few of the things we know about Breaking Dawn - Part 1 actor Taylor Lautner:
- He can act
- He looks great pretty much always,
- and, since Bella doesn't seem to want him we will totally take him off of her hands!

Let's see if we can learn a few more tidbits about the Abduction star with
10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Taylor Lautner:


1) Taylor is of German, French, Dutch, and Native American descent.




2) Last year, he was named Hollywood's highest paid teen actor!





3) Taylor's favorite band is Kings of Leon.





4) He started studying Martial Arts at the age of 7 and has won international Karate tournaments.





5) One of Taylor's closest friends? Selena Gomez!





6) He is terrified of sharks.





7) In high school, Taylor was voted 'Best Smile' by his fellow Juniors.
(Good call!)





8) Taylor was dubbed one of the youngest celebrity hosts of Saturday Night Live when he hosted in December 2009.






9) He played high school football during his freshman and junior years.





10) Lautner has his roles to thank for his hot physique.
He hit the gym to gain 30lbs of muscle for New Moon and also went through intense boxing, fighting, swimming, and motorcycle training for Abduction.


We love you Taylor Lautner!


Have Your 'Twilight' and Eat It Too! 20 Awesome 'Twilight Saga' Cakes

Sylvs Nov 15, 2011

Have you ever wanted a Twilight Saga cake?
Well, even if you didn't, here is a compilation of 20 Awesome Twilight Saga Cakes

Nothing says "hardcore fan" quite like themed pastries. 
Except for a tattoo...


Would you ever order a Twilight themed cake?
 If so, Who would you want on it?

I could probably eat a Jasper or Jane cupcake right about now.  

Trend Spotting with... Sylvs

Sylvs Nov 14, 2011

Hello fashionistas,

Sylvs here checking in for another Trend Spotting report!

Fashion lately has been pretty out of this world,
figuratively and almost literally. 

There are a ton of looks that I am so stoked about this fall,
though I am definitely vibing with keeping it natural, yet colorful.
(Think hot pink clutches!)

The temperature may be beginning to drop, but that does not mean that
we must bundle up in bad fashion. Who says it's wrong to look amazing while just sitting around the house?

Here are a few things I have picked up from scoping out the trend pool.

Colorful or Muted Nails: 

The best colors, depending on the outfit of course, are black, hot pink, jade, nude, and white. 
Black, white, and nude being the best to tone down colorful garb or the others to add splash to a dark ensemble.




Locket or Pocket Necklaces:

Honey Bee Mine Locket - $16.99 - ModCloth


Necklace in Wonderland - $24.99 - ModCloth



Fashionably Late Pocket Watch Necklace - $27.99 - ModCloth



Locket Me Now - $19.99 - ModCloth


Very Important Date Pocket Watch Necklace - $19.99 - ModCloth


For me, Fall always brings with it the whistful feel of nostalgia in the air and these pieces capture that perfectly. 




Glitter Heels:

Tastty-GGlitter Pumps - $109.95 - Betsey Johnson



Charlotte Russe - $20



Gabriella Rocha Peep-Toes - $63



P-Patty Mary Janes - $58.99 - Steve Madden


Old Navy - $25


"Glitter" heels are the absolute best way to turn serious into playful and fun!



Animal Print Scarves:

David & Young - $18.00



Ombre Scarf - $38.00 - Jessica Simpson



Nordstrom - $48.00



Express - $19.99



Leopard Infinity - $12.50 - Charlotte Russe



Like I said earlier, a natural touch. There really is never a time that animal print is not chic, but it is definitely best for Fall frolic. Speaking of nature, this leads us to the last, and cutest, trend of the lot. 


Animal Instinct Rings:

A Dove and Beyond - $9.99 - ModCloth



Crafty Companion - $14.99 - ModCloth



Self-Trot Fashionista - $14.99 - ModCloth



Some-Bunny Special - $9.99 - ModCloth


How adorable are those rings?
Not only will they look super cute on you, but they will also strike up equally precious conversation.

How do you feel about these trends?
Would you/Do you rock them? 

Celebrity of the Week: Kristen Stewart

Sylvs Nov 14, 2011

Los Angeles native Kristen Stewart is taking on the town bigger and badder than she probably ever hoped to as Bella in the uber succesful Twilight Saga - but she is definitely not just about acting. 

We know from Into the Wild and The Runaways that she has other talents, though what seems to draw me most to Kristen is her cucumber cool personality.

She is going to say what she wants, do what she wants, wear what she wants, and choose the roles that she wants all without giving a damn what anyone thinks. 

Some people see that as arrogance, I see them as jealous.

With boyfriend Robert Pattinson firmly at her side she is now ready to kick ass and take names as one of the most sought after young actresses around. And is it just me or does she seem to be flashing that smile of hers way more often now?

Even though all of that alone is enough to qualify Kristen to be named this and ranked that, 
none of those reasons factors in this week. 

So why Kristen Stewart?

Well, because come 12:01AM Friday morning - Bella Swan will become Bella Cullen in the highly anticipated Breaking Dawn - Part 1!

Here comes the bride and it is her week to shine.

Here is a look back at some 2011 moments and memories of 
Celebrity of the Week: Kristen Stewart!

Kristen Stewart in Vogue magazine.


Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner cement their status as superstars outside of Grauman's Chinese Theater.



Glamour magazine


Vogue Italia magazine


2011 People's Choice Awards 



Glamour UK



2011 Los Angeles Film Festival



Vogue Italia





GQ UK magazine



With boyfriend Robert Pattinson at the 2011 People's Choice Awards



2011 Comic-Con 



2011 MET Costume Institute Gala



Glamour UK



2011 Glamour Awards



Valentino Resort 2011









2011 MTV Movie Awards






2011 Comic-Con red carpet



The Tonight Show with Jay Leno



Vogue Italia










Jimmy Kimmell Live

Are you counting down the days until Breaking Dawn - Part 1
hits theaters yet?


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